"Il n'y a pas de crise de l'Energie, mais simplement une crise d'Ignorance" B. Fuller

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by Eric JULIEN 

Page créée le 9 novembre 2002

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The world of ufology has been wondering about the realityof UFOs for more than fifty years. Testimonies are legion but the explanation ismissing. Therefore, the phenomenon is denied. The testimony which follows shouldreconcile the logic of scientific fact, which we deny, with these appearances ofhigh strangeness. The answer proposed here will not fail to challenge manyestablished certainties. The professor Joseph Allen Hynek, the famous Americanufologist, who was at first very sceptical then wildly in favour of the realityof UFOs wrote: " when we have the solution of the UFO enigma, Ithink that it will be revealed to be not just one step more in the advance ofscience, but a powerful and unexpected quantum jump. "

This sentence is known worldwide! There are dates inHistory which, I believe should not be missed. This article proposes anunexpected solution. Even better, a metaphysics! That is to say a physicscontaining all the physics: time has three dimensions ! Direction, Density and the Present.

You certainly remember the film 'Matrix' in which a smallgroup of men and women succeeded in getting out of the illusory reality of theworld. It is exactly what we are going to do, at least by our thought. We aregoing to get out of the matrix for a moment , just the "time" tounderstand the universe in which we live, such as I perceived it during a deeplymoving, transcendental personal experience.

One cannot explain UFOs and paranormal phenomena with ourcurrent means of investigation, nor even with the present interpretation whichwe have of the universe which surrounds us. I pay tribute to the scientists ofthe planet who, every day, experience the anxiety of the subject to be resolvedand who, when they turn around, find nobody to whisper them the solution. Yetthey pursue their research with patience. We are going to discover together whatthey call a new paradigm without which it is perhaps useless to search.

Before leaving our 'world' to grasp the incredibleexploits of UFOs, and the no less disturbing aspects of parapsychology, I thinkit would be useful to share with you a series of surprising sightings. Butbefore, here is a brief presentation of my career.

My main profession has been in aviation, and I have neverbeen brilliant in scientific studies and have an ordinary intelligence. Afterfive years in the Air Force as a military air-traffic controller (tower andradar), I earned my living in the world of specialized media (economy and stockexchange) to finance studies to become a professional pilot. As soon as Iobtained my license, I went into commercial aviation, at first ontwin-turbo-propellers then on twin-engine jets. With the Gulf war, some airlinecompanies disappeared, including mine. I then went to university and obtained adiploma of specialized higher studies in economics (new technologies).Immediately an airline company hired me as on duty station manager.Four and a half years and a promotion later, I was co-opted by the airport inwhich I worked. After being In charge of airport resources, in the operationsdept, I had a two-year break on the (French) Island of Reunion (Indian oceannear Mauritius) and then returned to a bigger airport where I am working atpresent.

My contacts with UFOs were relatively numerous, eitherdirectly or indirectly, but especially in very varied ways. Here, I shall justmake a short list:


The details of these observations and events have already been reported in other medias or web sites, so it is not necessary to extend on them here. I suggest we enter the experience, or rather both major experiences from my point of view.


In 1990, during a nap, I found myself projected into astrange environment where there were three non-human entities, i.e. notbelonging to our race. Although I could not see them, I somehow knew they wereextraterrestrials. This environment consisted of a projection of a diagram whichseemed alive and whose parts were active. There, I saw four parts of technology:


Here is the simplified diagram:


Along with this vision, there was some strange information:

- Time is intermittent (not linear).

- It is a "sub-state" of matter.

- Vehicles can come from the "FUTURE" as fromthe "PAST" .

- They navigate the crystal either "mechanically",or "psychically" (possible appearance of human interference inthis last case).

The pilot of the vehicle manipulates two commands :

a. a frequency (mega-wave of the CRYSTAL)

b. an "energy trajectory"


The torus provides the temporal coherence to the craft.The crystal gives the wave coherence (in the field produced by the torus andwithin the physical limits of the airframe unit. The appearance of the variableforce field around the craft locally precedes the craft (a sort of projection ofspace-time). The rotating disc is extremely light. The initial rotation of thedisc is supplied by the torus. The disc then restores its energy to the torusonce the threshold of a certain speed is exceeded. The vacuum is the key in the"mutation" of the state of matter, and hence its "location".

VERY IMPORTANT: the vibratory level (consciousness) of thepilot and the occupants is crucial (risk of accidental decorporation – leavingthe body, OBE).

What is important to remember in this experience, what Iqualify as an encounter of the fifth kind, is that communication was made bytelepathy. The information is immediate, powerful and more-than-real. It is noteasy to translate it with simple words as our state of consciousness is soexpanded at those moments. 

This close encounter of the fifth kind, or CE5, providedme with technical information of great importance. It is common but often badlyinterpreted by those to whom it happens as is often the case with extrasensoryperceptions.

To these technical aspects, it is necessary to add this :

- UFOs master the technologies of time and anti-gravity.

- Those UFOs said to be ' psychic ', are of the same nature as the material UFOs but in a different state.

- The UFO phenomenon is of extraterrestrial origin.

- There are numerous extraterrestrial races.

- Among these races, few have come to visit us.

- Among these, some have a luminous and altruistic purpose,others do not.

- There will be an extraterrestrial threat when we havemastered time.

- This threat is related to our belligerent behaviour.

- Fraternity of people should become international.

- This threat will be lessened by collaboration with thebenevolent entities.


A strange phenomenon occurred on March 7th, 2002, quitelate (11.30 pm) on a Thursday evening in the house where we lived on the islandof Reunion. While I slept, my wife heard an intense noise followed immediatelyby the barking of the dogs in the area (a quiet country area). This noisesounded very similar to what she had heard during her UFO experience near Gap(France) like a wire spinning very quickly with sudden banging or crackingsounds. The sound was so loud that she thought at once of a helicopter which wasgoing to crash down on us. However, the "volume" of the noise was sogreat that it was far louder than the blades of a helicopter. So she wasexpecting a terrible crash but it didn't happen. The sound rapidly disappeared.She went to look through the window but no neighbour showed the slightestmovement. Then the barking stopped.

My wife told me all this the next morning at about 11:00.

I got up at 4:30 and began writing for three hours. Infact, the visions which I had had in 1990 resumed their intensity inunderstanding without the actual images being seen. I felt a compelling order topass on this information.

New information reached me some of which is going todrastically change our vision of the world and the equations of the physicists.It gives a prodigious coherence to all UFO and paranormal phenomena:

The unit of time expands or contracts!

Parallel universes are nothing other than a different flow of time.

In fact, time possesses three dimensions ! It's not easy to read what follows without a good dose of concentration because it is a little bit difficult. But if it were easy to get out of the matrix we would have already learnt how to do it. So here is the triple nature of time :


Direction of the flow of time. It is the sequenceof time that establishes the relation between causes and effects. In a trivialway, it is the arrow of time.

It describes the visible transformation of matter andevents. The direction of time is not linear but intermittent. The direction oftime has two directions that can be represented by a graph axis of a function.The most acceptable is therefore the natural arrow of time going from past to future. The seconddirection goes from the future towards the past. This one is more difficult tointerpret because it occurs beyond a definite rate of flow (see the density below). The keyword ofDir-Time is: transformation . It is therefore the direction of thevariation of the time units during an exchange of information or a movement.

Unit of time: temporal quantum ( Qt). Notion introducedin September, 2002.


Fluidity of the flow of time. It is the relative quantity of time thataffects the behaviour of matter and events. It describes their speed oftransformation.

The density of time is not linear but intermittent,therefore fractal. It implies that events are more or less numerous inquantities of time that are defined by convention. In other words, in a densityof time D, there are fewer'bits' of information than in a density D+1.D-time can be represented by a graphic axis describing the passage from onedensity to another. The keyword of D-Time is: speed (of transformation).It is a quantity of time units during an exchange of information or a movement.It is also extended as the possible quantity of information or the quantity ofmovement per conventional unit of time (second). The temporal density is the keyof the science of tomorrow.

It is necessary to understand that in one second, there isa variable quantity of units of time. The higher the density of time, the higherthe number of quantas of time (we'll come back to this later on). But all thedensities of time are flowing at the same time, including in the past and thefuture which should not be confused with the transmitted information. The moretemporal density there is, the farther one goes in the past and future.



The alignment of the Quantas in the harmonic frequencies.
The variation of P-Time affects the cyclic character of events when they returnto their initial point. The Present does not depend either on the direction oron the Density of time but it is the link between them. It is a common number ofunits of time between different time densities during a transformation in abalanced state. One passes from one density to another thanks to the present. The keyword hereis : permanence (no transformation).

The present such as we usually conceive it does not exist !It is an illusion and a convention of language. It will always be only a past oran immediate future up to the time of Planck (10-43 second) becauseit is only a problem of scale. This big truth is to be meditated upon for a longtime. For a very long time.

To summarize, 3-D time is a hologram in which ourconsciousness evolves by successive jumps in three simultaneous directions. Farfrom being unfounded and speculative, 3-D time is scientifically verifiable.Besides, it is what we do every day thanks to computer technology ! But in my experience the intellectual side only came after...

Here are the sketches that I hurriedly drew  at 4.30that morning:


The hourglass suggests perfectly the density of time.Every graduation represents a temporal density. To simplify, we could say that adensity superior to the conventional "second"  would be afraction of this second during which as many things (actions)would occur.

Let us remain on the question of the density of time, theessential key of our fate whether scientific or spiritual. Moreover, would itnot be the ring of their marriage, the Ark of the Covenant ?


Future fate or destiny is partially"visible" for those who can experience precognition. One willretort that it is necessary to wait for the event to take place to declare thatthere was premonition. We may note in passing that the only work ofscientists is indeed to describe what is going to take place with the aid ofequations ! They can only be sure when it has effectively taken place butthey know beforehand what will happen, with a small percentage of uncertainty.The same as with clairvoyants ! It is this "tiny" distance betweenpremonition and fact that leaves room for the ..quantum ..free will. Thedifficulty comes from the fact that this percentage of uncertainty increases ASTHE DEGREE OF LIBERTY of the thing studied.

What decides if it takes place or not? Freedom ! Thehigher the degree of freedom a creature has, even more so with time, the less itis restricted. It is likely that it did not escape you that thepredictability of mineral phenomena was superior to that of plants, exceedinggreatly that of human beings. I'll leave you to meditate on what follows on fromthat outburst.   

Allow me a convenient digression here. Scientific methodis founded on the reproducibility of a phenomenon, at first by the experiment,then by the modelling of the causes generated. So equations are born with whichwe describe the universe. But always, the experiment precedes the model (exceptin pure mathematics). When an equation is officially proposed it has beenclosely observed and examined so as not to be contradicted. The equation doesnot describe reality, it describes what is acceptable.

Einstein followed Newton without removing anything fromhim but situating him in a relative context. It is what is proposed here. Thedensity of time allows all the equations to be considered relatively.

But what happens with the increasing degrees of freedom ?Should we remain with the "reproducibility" of scientific fact, thatprinciple which issued from the philosophy of the 'Enlightenment' of the 18thcentury ? Are not we in the 21st century ? Have we not understood thatincreasing degrees of freedom and reproducibility are incompatible ?

The factor " t "
(for time) is often represented in anorthonormed line by one of the axes of an equation. The speed, then theacceleration are described with the same unit of time -the second. Now, he who measures decides on the unit of time because he is theobserver. In this way, we vary the distance (and the speed of transformation ofit) and not the time to quantify them. But a new paradigm has appeared in orderto study mechanics and its relativist effects. To make a quantum jump (withoutthe pun), it is necessary to introduce the notion of density of time and totransform this sacred linearity into intermittent values whenever we plungeinto matter to try and understand the nature of it. The results in energycalculations will be heavily affected.

The corpuscular/wave duality of matter is at the heartof this new paradigm.

When an UFO flies away, it appears to us asterrific acceleration. But it is just an appearance! Whatever the physicalmake-up of the occupants of these machines, they could not undergo suchlightning acceleration without injury. It is not therefore "variable spaces"that must be studied, but "variable time" . For example: if theacceleration of an object appears to us to be 100m / s2, (330ft/s2) it isreally, for the occupants, 10m/s2 (33ft/s2) because their seconds changedensity. In other words, the first of their seconds will be the same as ours,then the next one will dilate to become one of our minutes, and so on, so thatin fact, it accelerates very little. But the illusion which we have is afantastic acceleration until their disappearance into another density of time,thus making them invisible for us AS WE ARE FOR PLANTS WHEN WE PASS IN FRONT OFTHEM WITHOUT STOPPING.

Note : the information according to which energybecomes a vector in a three-dimensional time comes from Roland Lehouc,astrophysicist in the astrophysics dept. of the CEA (ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY).


These two curves represent the absolute and relativeexpansion of time, in other words the creation and the creature (whoperceives the creation).

The three dimensions of space (length, height, depth) andthe three dimensions of time (direction, density, present) form the dualperfection of creation. The relation between one and the other represents evolution . Beings migrate therefore through space-times in a brilliantgenius of fractal geometry.


Nobody will have ignored that the symbol of the pyramid,common to several distant civilisations of the past, in a three-dimensionalapproach, for space as well as time, is a singular coincidence. Also, would notthe two inverted triangles represent a "powerful" six-sided starhiding perhaps an esoterical meaning that was understood a long time ago ? OurUFOs don't seem to have appeared just yesterday, especially if they were aroundat the origin of these symbols. Is not the Apocalypse (also) Disclosure?


UFOs pass from one temporal density to another. One of thefundamental points of the experience was this vision of the four states ofmatter which dematerialises as the frequencies increase. A crystalline sound isemitted to allow the passage towards the invisible state.


The dynamic behaviour of a UFO which crosses space-timecan go from invisibility to materialisation. But it is not always the case.Furthermore, our technologies, radar notably, interfere and sometimes provokefurtive appearances.


Two major reasons would explain the multiplication of UFOssightings in the last fifty years.

1)The use of nuclear weapons - a real temporal seism for other beings, so attractingthem towards us.

2) The use of sophisticated technologies by human beings that employ emissions of high

frequencies at high energy. Contrary to all expectations,this contributes to the general rise of the vibratory frequency of the planet.The real problem is the chaotic character of these emissions. We are thereforein a stage of transition.


At this stage, I should say that I am pressing on ratherboldly with my reflections. What follows is an attempt to formalise theseconcepts. Naturally, whole areas of research are open to all and open scientificminds will find substance in this new discipline to interpret into theirlanguage : Chronotics . (Term inspired by Thierry Archer).

Time is an enigma! To us it seems linear. The pastprecedes the present which precedes the future. How then can people perceivethe future ?

Is this not a "nasty" problem forscience to attempt to explain this phenomenon ? But it's not examples that arelacking. Really, every day on Earth, human beings perceive the future inpremonitory dreams or various "flashes". The question is far morecomplex and eminent than any regulation of a nuclear power station or geneticmanipulation. I repeat the question to those that might not have heard it : Howcan the future precede the present ?

We all know of Plato's cave*:(*In this legend, people living insidea cave think that their shadows are real, when in fact they are produced by thelight from the outside of their 'world' coming through a small hole.)

And if time was only the shadow of what it seems to be ?

What is time such as we usually understand it ?

There are two types of time: measurable time andpsychological time.

Measurable time is objective !

It is a universal agreement! It is an interval between two"phenomena": before/after. In science, we use the second. It has itsmultiples and its subdivisions. This time exists ! It is very useful toorganize lots of things and for equations.

Psychological time is subjective!

Sometimes, a certain experience will seem to us to havelasted one minute in certain circumstances, and in others, ten minutes, etc. Now,by agreement, measured time will determine the average time and will fix in ourconsciousness the acceptable proportions. 80 % of our life is calibrated topsychological time. Curiously, we are capable of waking up at 6 o'clock exactly,if we make the effort to will it to happen. This  "coincidence" is called by the term of "internal clock". Nobody has ever seen it butit is accepted, thereby adding a little more weight to our arguments.Psychological time is said to be subjective because it seems imaginary !But has anyone ever wondered how such a widespread thing – the imagination,does not exist in itself ?

I would add that certain cycles and chronobiology are atthe intersection of both times and give substance to what follows.

Here is what Roland Lehouc1] ( Astrophysicistin the dept. of astrophysics of the CEA (ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY)) says: "Weperceive time as one-dimensional, because our thoughts seem to succeed one afterthe other in a well defined order. This argument is subjective. Time could seemone-dimensional without it being so really, a little as we lose our sight ofrelief by closing an eye: we are then surrounded with flat objects and, onlyhabit enables us to appreciate distances "

Farther on: "Withthree dimensions of time and one dimension of space, only tachyons, particleswhich go faster than the light, would exist "

Then: "Numerous aspects of physics would be rather different with time which is notone-dimensional. For example, energy would no longer be just a number, but avector indicating the temporal direction of movement, in the same way as theamount of movement of a mobile is a vector indicating in which spatial directionit is moving.

As the amount of movement is conserved when the mobile issubjected to no force, the temporal direction taken would also be a constant ofmovement. In other words, if two observers who are moving according to differenttemporal directions meet, they will inevitably separate to follow theirrespective temporal trajectory, incapable of staying together. From the point ofview of an observer, the other one would appear and then disappear immediately " (NDA: as UFOs do)

Then again: "Another important consequence of temporal multidimensionality: certainparticles would no longer be stable. In a world such as ours, a particle cansplit only if the sum of the masses at rest (the mass when the particleis immobile) of the particles produced is lower than the mass at rest of theinitial particle. This condition, which gives stability to the proton andelectron, disappearsin a world of more than one temporal dimension. For example, a proton coulddisintegrate into a neutron, a positron and a neutrino; an electron could betransformed into a neutron, an antiproton and a neutrino. The matter that weknow would no longer be stable."

(Ed.: it is exactly the vision of the states of matterthat I had. (see frame "statesof matter")).

Just as there is equivalence between mass and energy, thereis an equivalence between space and time. It expresses itself in a simpleway. The principle of simplicity of Occkam's razor says that it is the simplestexplanation that is best. But when it is a question of linking the theory ofrelativity and quantum theory, we see a mountain of complexity before us. Ithink, and this is fundamental, that the more space there is, less there isof time, and inversely , less there is of space more there is of time. It isprecisely the key that elegantly weds the infinitely big and infinitely small.The difficulty is to understand the nature of time to be convinced of it.

Jean Heidmann, astrophysicist at the origin of the SETIproject, declared that the Big Bang was not an explosion of matter but anexpansion of space. This difference often cast confusion in many minds. In thelight of 3-D time, and in particular, one of its dimensions, the density oftime, the expansion of the universe is just an appearance. As a reminder, theexpansion of the universe would be due to a considerable differential betweenthe thermodynamic forces tending to repel matter and the nuclear forces which,on the contrary, attract it.

The dilemma comes from the fact that 90 % of the mass ofthe universe remains hidden. This observation comes from the differencecalculated between the thermodynamic forces and the forces of atomic cohesion.So the entropic movement would be just an illusion. Yet another. In fact, thereis no choice but to admit that all space-times coexist. The Big Bang is a dogmain the sense that it is perfectly arbitrary to think that the original soupaccumulated into huge masses, and galaxies, stars and into planets. If, as is itsuggested in this case, matter would be on the surface of the membrane of acosmic balloon why would it not be evenly spread out? We are told that gravityis the reason! Now, we do not know the real nature of gravity except that it isa curvature of space-time. Hence, the idea that gravity is related to thedensity of time and in no way explains the formation of celestial bodies. Thefurther we look into space ( weaker time density) the more we see the outerlayers of the universe. But also the further we look, the further we see intothe past (going back in the direction of time). And in this case we see theinternal layers of the universe. Therefore, the combination between externallayers and internal layers reveals entropy to be an illusion.


When we look at a star (because of its matter), weperceive an "internal" layer of the universe which is translated by acurvature of space-time, or in other words, according to my vision, a "superior"(higher) space-time compared to the space-time which surrounds it. In this way,the star is not in the same position as its spatial environment. Black holes arein a much higher density of time and it is impossible for us to see them in ourspace-time since we guess them by calculations.


If it is relatively easy to conceive, at an astronomicalscale, that by contraction of space-time we have a difference of positionbetween a star and its environment, it is less obvious that it's the same casewith the infinitely small because specific laws happen there, said to becounter-intuitive. Yet there is a sign that should guide us. The space betweenthe nucleus and the electrons is, proportionally to their sizes, an abyss ofspace (emptiness).

In reality, the universe is fractal, i.e. there are scale"jumps"  within which particular (related) laws of functioninggovern each particular space-time.It is the case with quarks, atoms, molecules, cells, organs, bodies, groups ofbodies and groups of groups which are in themselves as many space-times. We livein the middle of a skilfully baked (wafered) cream slice. Far from me the ideato evoke here the Great Confectioner. You are the only judge to appreciate theend purpose of it. My purpose is to point out the common feature of these scales,or these layers : the wave-like character of these demonstrations.. i.e.these vibrations, because everything is vibration.

Matter has a corpuscular/ wave duality. It is exactly in the passage from one to another, of theparticle to the wave, that the increase of the density of time happens, with aloss of mass (neutrinos, photons, electrons, tachyons), in the process. Here too,there has been confusion since the time of Newton. Mass is not gravityeven if the effects in nature give us the illusion of it in our time density.Mass is related to the forces of cohesion. One of the biggest enigmas in physicsis the difference in scale between strong, weak and electromagnetic interactionson the one hand, and gravity on the other. As a reminder, gravity is 1040less strong than strong interactions.

Einstein demonstrated, thanks to Riemann's works (non-Euclidian geometry), that gravity is geometrical in nature. Actually,gravity is strictly related to space-times. Moreover, it goes through thembecause it participates in their modification. Gravity increases as does thedensity of time. It is also induced, in the electromagnetic forces. The queen ofvibrations is the electromagnetic wave whose spectrum has such an astronomicalnumber of frequencies that it makes your head swim.

Matter is seething with frequencies, even in lowtemperatures. At zero Kelvin degree, states of matter change, (functionofstatein quantum mechanics). Now, the rotor of aUFO  "orbits"  in a vacuum at absolute zero degree!

We are beginning to come out of the matrix. You reallyhave to get out of the observer's position to understand that what seems to usto be on the same plane - an apple and a stone forexample - are absolutely not so. We see them as suchbecause we belong to a "superior" (higher) space-time. In fact, we arejust on the border because, naturally, superior time densities of time aremixing with us for whom we are "physically" merged with the apple, orthe worm which is inside. What happens when we observe by means of a microscopewith a tunnel effect ? We observe "superior" space-times just as the astronomer sees "lower" space-times with his telescope.The difference which we attribute to both is the apparent proportion ofobjects.

This proportion is totally subjective ! We set up asa truth the idea that this thing is bigger and that thing is smaller. Even if itis true in our reality, it is a total illusion! We are comparing incomparableobjects, each belonging to its own space-time. How can we imagine the idea thatan elephant has of its own size ? Any human observation is subjectivebecause it proceeds from an intrinsic anthropocentrism, (a human point of view).A comparative analysis is a reduction of our intellect, as much for space as fortime. Besides, our culture and our behaviour cause us to continually makejudgements.Measuring instruments themselves are not to blame. It is the interpretation ofthe results, stemming from an artefact belonging to a particular space-time,that plunges and locks us inside the matrix. We attempt irresistibly but in vainto extricate ourselves from an environment to which we belong !

Why do all electromagnetic waves travel at the speed oflight ? For the simple reason that because of their own space-time,our instruments cannot measure anything else !

One of these erroneous interpretations, in myopinion, is the constant of the speed of light. How do we know that it isconstant ? By measuring it in our space-time. Indeed, we measure it withinour frame of reference. Now, in the same time, if I may say so, we ourselveshave never experienced even half of this speed. In other words, we do not knowwhat our perception would be, even with instruments, of this other frame ofreference. What is speed, and more still - acceleration, if it is not amodification of space-time ? Remember that Einstein indicated that the moreone approaches the speed of light, the more time expands. In this case, onceagain according to my vision, space contracts. So speed is immediate datain a frame of reference, we may say thatspeed itself is the reference,whereas acceleration, when it is highenough, is a transfer from one space-time to another. Our technologies are stilltoo weak in order to realise this. There is an intersidereal gaping hole betweenan acceleration of 10 m/s2 and an acceleration of 100 000m / s2( See particle accelerators below). It is exactly one of the functions of therotor seen in the dream and which had lightning acceleration.

Another little effort ! The recognition of theStrange is within reach of seconds and of Angstroms. In matter, light is "braked" by the various space-times which constitute the electronic levels.


To avoid a long description of the states of matter, Ishall just present a few essential points

· Every electronic level has its own time density of which corresponds to the space between the nucleusand the electron. The time density of matter is therefore the average ofthese densities.

· The more electronic levels there are, more the globaldensity of time is weak but the potential energy (number of electrons) is big.So, gravity is due to the total value of electronic space-times. Gravity of the big masses comes from the total number of atoms concerned, (themselvesconsisting of a multitude of space-times).

· The greater the density of time, more the energy is immediatelyavailable with a minimum of energy to obtain it by the appearance of quantasof time. Hence, the possibility of an output superior to 1 .Free energy could result from this explanation.

· Potential energy increases as the distance (space)and as the opposite of the density of time. Kinetic energy increases asthe density of time (therefore a decrease ofspace).

· The increase of time density comes from the decreasingof these spaces. The more levels there are, the more one can harness quantumvacuum

· Quantum vacuum is represented by these spaces from which onedraws energy . The increase of time density comes from the decrease in thedistance between electronic levels.


  · How does one decrease electronic space?

By compression (need of energy = radial vector:explosive method) or by vortex in a vacuum (high speed rotation =tangential vector: gentle and progressive method) that cause quantas oftime to appear. Isotopes are transformed into energy.

· Gravity is strong for big masses (e.g. the Earth)because they have many particles. The same thing can be obtained with a smallamount of matter by reducing the space between the nucleus and the electrons.The distance (= temps ) is the factor of conversion of gravity.


Once again, the measurements should take into account thedifferences in scale. We are therefore proposing a new theory : AbsoluteRelativity ! It can be expressed as follows : information structuresspace-time, and conversely.


Here we introduce the notion of temporal quantas which wasinspired long after the experience of March, 2002. A quantum of time is thesmallest grain of indivisible time. It has a value, as a first estimate, of 10-44second, or below the time of Planck. Let us consider three frequencies belongingto three different densities of time and place quantas of time on these waves.


In developing temporal quantas,one can measure the differences of density. One crosses from one density toanother by the line (axis) of the present, that is through the points ofvibratory harmonics. To represent the Present (P-Time) in a geometrical way,imagine if one second were the distance of the Earth from the Sun, the Presentwould not even be visible with the best microscope in the world. It is not sosurprising that we can miss billions of temporal quantas every second. It iswith this that the importance of psychological time can be realised, the same aswith dreams, a state signifying a vibratory increase.


It is essential tounderstand that every quantum of time is a bearer of information in thespace-time that it occupies. The energy and the "messages" thatare there are going to circulate from quantum to quantum, making bigger jumps inweaker densities. The more the quantas are spaced out (low frequencies) themore the law of cause and effect will prevail (as with karma). That is whyquantum physics, in certain circumstances does not know what is the effect orthe cause of quantum states with the same name. Once established on very highfrequencies, and circulating far enough towards one or the other arrows of time(direction), as a part of ourselves is able to do, we can see the past (distantmemory) or the future… just as UFOs can. This law of liberty explains not onlythe difference between nature worlds (mineral, vegetal, animal and human),but also the confrontation between science andspirituality. Do we not say that there are "hard", or "pure"sciences (very reliable=less freedom) and "soft", or "human"sciences (more uncertain = high freedom)


By simultaneouslyincreasing energy in two different time densities, there are proportionally moretemporal quantas missing in the lower time density.


The universe, in all itsrealities, is a succession of ranges of frequencies corresponding to differentdensities of time (so, different space-times).


Concerning more particularly UFOs, we will try to explain them in the light of 3-D Time. Here is an incomplete list of additional effects that may find a new global coherence.

The prodigious accelerations are illusory: the unit of time changes.


Not only the acceleration of UFOs, seen from the outside,is an illusion due to a differential of temporal density, but it is also animaginary reduction of its size, giving us even more so the impression that theyare far away. Would they decrease to the size of a ball of light in a cropcircle?


We can, of course apply 3-D Time to paranormal phenomena.


Science also has its mysteries. Here are a few suggestions.


This list of elements can be completed at your leisure.There are things which don't come to mind easily. So, all those who areinterested in the laws that govern the universe or if they are not yet convincedor if they are simply curious can meditate upon it in order to attempt anotherexcursion out of the matrix, for there is nothing more extraordinary than toexperience it oneself.

Eric.julien5@wanadoo.fr .

(I reply to a person whocontacted me after reading the document above. He asked what proof or evidencecould be found to illustrate the theory).

For the question of proof and evidence, I have given a fewideas at the end of the article – mentioning black holes, particleaccelerators and quantum enigmas. Our problem today is that we are limited, if Iremember well, to a time scale of 10-15 second to observe theinfinitely small (we are waiting for 10-18 sec. laser beams to bedeveloped), and we even interpret what we 'see' without being sure of thepertinence of the interpretation. You know as I do that the time of Planck (10-43second)is a mathematical deduction. We are therefore only halfway there, so to speak.

The problem with the interpretation of gravity in theinfinitely small, based on general relativity, comes from the fact that thescales are very different in terms of 'distance' and also in number of atoms.

The difference in scale between gravity and the otherinteractions (1040 higher for strong interactions), is surprising andis a problem. If, as I suppose, the reduction in distance between the nucleusand electronic levels really generates gravity, until we are better informed, weare incapable of measuring this distance in our quantum experiments since it isdifficult to provoke this 'compression' (reduction of electronic distances) andat the same time measure this gravitational distance because of the explosivemethod used (high energy laser beam bombarding an atom). We neither have themeans nor the time to do it (phenomena too fast). However, according to some, weshould be able to verify it or not, with the future LHCof the CERN (2007) (particleaccelerator), if mini black holes appear under certain conditions. As I see it,it would be useful to study the theory of Dr. Ning Lee of l'UAH (Alabama) thatshows the apparition of antigravity phenomena in spinning electromagnetic fields,and also Dr Podkletnov's experiment, even if controversial, which gave an ideaof it (loss of 2% of the mass of 'objects' found above a rotor producing aspinning field.).

In fact, to my mind, antigravity is a differential ofgravity comparative to the mass involved (number of atoms) and not an 'opposing'force. In an case, what is a space-time anti-curvature ?


Quantum mechanics gives us intuitive proof of theexistence of 'non apparent' quantas of time (supposed to be in very high timedensities) on a plate. The whole QM is built on a basic principle: statefunctions attribute discrete states (spin, charge and mass) to particles, i.e.jumps in their state. It is precisely the definition of quantum states. Hasanyone ever explained these discontinuities ? No, we are content to observe them.What happens between two quantum states, which, at the same time bring aboutspatial modifications ? Nobody knows !

I sense that it is here, that the dematerialisation ofmatter happens- instantaneous certainly-but dematerialisation just the same.

When you consider this apparent 'absurdity' and ourtemporary inability (let's hope so) to 'see' below 10-15 second (tobe converted in wavelengths), you can also deduce that matter BECOMES INVISIBLEbecause it dematerialises, while the wave-like nature of matter keeps the 'memory'of the particle properties (theory of super-cords and inseparability ofparticles). We will see further on how the coherence of atomic structures isconserved even in the case of dematerialisation.

From this comes the idea that UFOs, are transformed fromparticle to wave, once a certain rate of time flow is reached at the peripheryof the rotor! The emission of a breaking frequency that I spoke of in theprevious article, describing access to invisibility, i.e. to dematerialisation,would be the missing key. It should be born in mind that for me, invisibility,as for light, does not mean that matter has totally disappeared but that it haslost its mass and consequently, there is no inertia which prevents high speeds.

This breaking frequency should be found, with thenecessary energy, a little below (in terms of wavelength) the threshold ofpresent 'visibility', meaning when converted into frequencies, around 100,000gigahertz, as we will see. It is interesting to note that light, which has afrequency between 4 and 7.5 1014 hz, happens to be at the limit ofwhat we see of the infinitely small today. Now, I state in the article that thethird state of matter is luminescent before invisibility (the first beingstable, the second being unstable). Before concluding anything as such, orgetting carried away with such an easy temptation, we have to imagine thefrequency of a rotor spinning at very high speed. Besides the fact that thisrotor isn't braked by its environment (vacuum chamber), besides the fact thatpurely inert gyroscopic effects hold it in an extremely stable spatialreferential, inducing even within itself an 'antigravity' phenomenon (Frisbeeeffect), besides the fact that there is no contact with any other matter in itscentre since it would be emptied (pointless and even the existence ofconstraints in the case of a full hub), besides the fact that it produceselectromagnetic fields at high energy, the rotor is a marvellous emitter offrequencies.. relayed by the crystal.

Let us make a hypothesis. A rotor diameter of 5 meters,the circumference is 15.7 meters. At 3000 000 000 meters/second (speed oflight), the supposed speed limit (we will speak of the dilemma of infiniteenergy for an infinite mass later on), our frequency is about 19 megahertz (or19 million rotations/second). It is extremely weak in terms of frequency butvery high in rps.

Remember that Podkeltnov's rotor turned at 5000 r.p.m,that is 230000 times slower for a ten times smaller size. On the other hand, bydoubling our rotor by another which turns in the opposite direction and byhaving hundreds of segments of radial magnets on the two rotors one on top ofthe other, the radial magnets having a thickness for example of one centimetrein circumference, we obtain: 15700x19=298300 Mhz that we multiply again by 15700(second rotor) that is a frequency of: 4683310000 Ghz, i.e. nearly 4.6 milliongigahertz. That is one bit of information every 4.6 10-18 second.

You 'just' need to reduce this figure by a factor of ahundred (i.e. 1% of the speed of light) to realise that we reach ten times ourpresent observation limit. Therefore, our progress in means of measurements willrapidly confirm or invalidate this hypothesis of material disappearance andprove the reality of time quantas. And since we are only at 1% of the speed oflight, the energy needed doesn't greatly increase the mass of atoms of therotor. The explosion of the rotor, that could be envisaged due to thecentrifugal force thus generated, could be avoided by the structure itself (purity),of the material used and the action of the torus spoken of below. Finally,according to my vision, with the atoms transforming into waves after a certainvibratory threshold (see above for the breaking frequency), the corpuscularnature of atoms no longer has to be maintained as it is, and this happeningprogressively from the periphery to the centre of the rotor as it accelerates (therotor would therefore diminish before your eyes), at the same time, emitting apowerful light (what we see in the centre of the underside of saucers).

For the rest of the craft, we can suppose that the crystal(type of quartz) aligns the harmonic frequencies. It is understood, and you mustnot forget that by increasing the frequencies, you increase the appearance oftime quantas in the theory that we are interested in, increasing at the sametime the mass of accessible information, and consequently the energy which ismore immediately available and which is linked to it, knowing, once again thatspace contracts at the same time (present dilemma of the observation of theinfinitely small). The most annoying, it must be confessed, is that the more youlook into the infinitely small, precisely the more it becomes so (equivalencespace vs. time).

This leads us to the Fermi paradox. He was absolutelyright in opposing the idea of the hypothesis of the presence ofextraterrestrials on Earth, coming from the confines of the universe, with thoseinsurmountable distances of the cosmos, so long as we remain enclosed in anon-compressible space reference. According to this paradox, either the ETs arealready here, or they can't in any way be here. In the first case, we would havealready seen them, which doesn't seem to be the case for him. In the light ofabsolute relativity according to which, information structures space-time andvice versa, space contracts as the density of time increases. For ETs, theuniverse is 'ridiculously' small if they 'greatly' expand time. I imagine thatthey can't all do so, through all the scales of expansion.. which would explain,among other things, their very different behaviours (they are not all to be putin the same boat).

They can only appear to us if they decide to, i.e. only ifthey change space-time by reducing their time density. This reduction can onlybe done at the cost of a considerable loss of time quantas and therefore ofinformation by, you guessed, a negative acceleration of the rotor. Theirmaterialisation is therefore a form of 'sacrifice' of their degree of freedom (thisterm is often attributed to avatars). One can understand why they don't rush toshake our hands, in case we put theirs in handcuffs. Yet it is, I believe, whatthey accept to do (sacrifice time quantas) to take 'samples' that are moreeasily observed by this means, or more rarely, for direct physical contacts withthose whom they know that there is no or little risk (psychic and behaviourstudies). The less 'clever' among them are no doubt 'caught out' by being seensometimes. It's a strong bet that the easiest thing for them is to capture ourpsychic signals (high frequencies) and remain comfortably 'there' where theyare. (Sorry for this digression).

To come back to astronomical distances, that are reputedto be insurmountable, the Fermi paradox is probably the most simple amongparadoxes to be challenged and understood since these distances (universe 15billions (U.S.) light years away) have no value except in our space-time (seethe theory of reversed triangles where, 'the more time there is, the less space').We have known since 1905 (limited relativity) that space and time areinseparable. By introducing three-dimensional time, the impact on space-timegeometry is obvious, and the notion of time quantas clarifies this relation: foreach appearance of a time quantum, a spatial 'quantum' disappears (for this ideamust also be introduced). We could express this by tQ(time quantum) and sQ (spacequantum). Then we would have an equation like: S tQ=1/S sQ. And inversely, likethe relation that unites frequency and wavelength. This isn't quite true in thesense that there is discontinuity. Therefore, this relation can only be valid ina discrete function (discontinuous), (see the initial text). In this case, wewould have a limit,where S is the sum, Sx tQ> 1/Sy eQ, where x and y are twosigns of maximum space-time considered. Systematically, we would define the Sx1,2.. n tQ and the Sy1,2…n sQ where n would be a particular space-time.

This new type of algebra must, it is true, be examined bymaths experts.

We said that the universe is fractal (scales of spacewithout linear transitions). It's interesting, at least, to link the variationsof space and time in each space-time. We could actually use the term"tension" for the phenomena, where, in a particular space-time, we seea variation of time quantas, and its consequences in mass/energy, in a samespatial referential (like the one that we study in classical physics), orinversely with a same number of time quantas for a variation of space. It's likethis that we have the notions of potential and kinetic energies belonging toeach space-time (celestial mechanics, classical mechanics, biology, chemistry,electronics, etc.). It would probably be extremely tempting to compare thisnotion of "tension" within the same space-time to that of Einstein's"tensor" which would immediately see its applications multiplied by asmany discontinuous space-times.

I would just like to mention the nature of antimatter thatmany see as the ideal energetic manna from heaven. Like Richard Feynman, aphysicist, who saw in antimatter the expression of matter going backwards intime (reversed arrow of time), I think this idea is quite probable.

Feynman has, it is true, since changed his mind. However,he didn't know the three-dimensional theory of time very well to which we canadd the following idea: beyond a certain flow of time (time density), thequantas are so close to each other (because very numerous) that the informationcould circulate in the opposite direction to the natural arrow of time in ourspace-time. This reversed flow of information (mass/energy) 'normally' happensin the form of waves, non-materialised by particles. There seems to be aboundary state of matter, that is coherent and capable of going backwards likethis in time.It is very brief (they speak of a millionthof a second).

Just as an electric current that flows, not physically (theelectrons only move very little) but in a wave-like manner (transmission ofshocks), the information (of the states of matter) can flow against the current,and be compared to thermodynamic entropic sub-millimetric fluctuations.

We all know that below certain values, cause and effectare indiscernible in Quantum Mechanics, in other words, the flow of time, whenit is very dense, is going to influence the order of appearance of phenomenawithout being in any way in contradiction with classical laws for they don'tbelong to the same space-time. In classical mechanics, time quantas are veryspaced out and matter followsdefined laws. On the other hand, in QM,matter follows undefined laws, but.. statistical laws. We must remember that QMlogic is counter-intuitive. Once three-dimensional time logicis accepted, its effects will be largelyobvious. As a result, QM becomesmore intuitive again, especially if weadd the notion of transport of information dear to Austrian Prof. Zeilinger.

In this way, therefore, I make the hypothesis thatelectronic and proton charges of our space-time could reflect the arrow of time,the arrow that is followed by matter in some space-times including ours that arerestricted by a too great a lack of time quantas, (counted in billions).

One could thus suppose, in a first estimate, thatantimatter is the expression of matter that goes in the opposite direction, andthat one can only control in a powerful electromagnetic field which prevents"two trains from crashing on the same line", the magnetic field itselfnot having much to do with time. It should be noted that the production ofantimatter, which is in any case famous for its furtiveness, is ridiculouslyweak compared to the surrounding matter (the record seems to be only 50,000atoms of antimatter when there are billions of billions around it.

When matter meets antimatter, it produces a colossalamount of energy, since in my opinion, it corresponds to the instantaneouscompression of two space-times going in different directions (arrow of time)that annihilate themselves. One could say that it's the energy of the Present,which, when it is reduced usually to a single time quantum (when the wave passesby its neutral phase), is very weak, or too fast (here, as well). In the case ofantimatter, we could be dealing with packets of materialised Present, from thefact that a relatively great number of quantas (which usually flow one after theother) meet instantaneously, since in an opposite manner. In other terms, theyare two vectors of energy (admissible in 3-D time) which crash headlong intoeach other.

Antimatter could be present in the torus of ufos !Protected by a powerful electromagnetic field, even in a small quantity, itwould orbit at a vertiginous speed and would serve two functions:

Whatever the case, the issue of antimatter is a question of where it comes from. The most exotic theories exist, for example that of parallel universes, that would be "elsewhere", but where ? This vision of opposite arrows of time seems to me to correspond to a coherent logic of the intrinsic nature of a multi-dimensional universe that contains our own, and doesn't put off indefinitely the discovery of other worlds, that are inaccessible by definition.

Binary charges (positive/negative) correspond perfectly to the duality of the Direction of time (Dir-Time="from the past to the future" and "from the future to the past"). I think that the universe is very coherent and that scientific understanding is not an empty notion. The dual three-dimensionality of space and time seems to me to belong to the genius of Nature and what we are invited to participate in.

In conclusion, I could say that matter is a "simple" affair of space-time and energy-mass. Four pillars of the foundation of the universe !

The final question could be :what is the fifthelement ?


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