"Il n'y a pas de crise de l'Energie, mais simplement une crise d'Ignorance" B. Fuller

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Les Nouvelles de Quant'Homme - Page créée le 18/05/2017

Nous rajoutons au dossier Tesla un document supplémentaire sur la Pierce Arrow

C’est un article de Igor Spagic paru dans NEXUS no 37 de 2005 grâce à la traduction de André Dufour.

Cet article complète nos informations de 1999 sur cette voiture modifiée par Nikola Tesla. Vous pouvez les lire en cliquant sur la photo

Ce n'est pas "la" Pierce Arrow de Tesla mais "une" Pierce Arrow



Toutes les images peuvent être agrandies

Toutes ces images peuvent être agrandies



Amis lecteurs et chercheurs, voici des sujets susceptibles de vous intéresser.

Les textes sont en anglais, désolés !

Mais il y a de quoi activer les matières grises, une fois munis de vos dictionnaires et logiciels de traduction préférés ou tout simplement avec vos connaissances de l’anglais.

Deux chercheurs nous ont récemment communiqué des informations sur leurs travaux et théories en physique.

Voici ce que présentent


Oliver Consa

 "g-factor and the Helical Solenoid Electron Model"


 Dear fellow scientist,

 I send you this mail because you have shown some interest in Alternative Physics Theories.

I think that this new paper will be of your interest. If you do not appreciate the new ideas presented at this work, at least, I'm sure you will enjoy the section about "the true story of QED" and the Karplus&Kroll scandal.

 "g-factor and the Helical Solenoid Electron Model"

http://gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Research Papers-Quantum Theory / Particle Physics/Download/6799


A new model of the electron with Helical Solenoid geometry is presented. This new model is an extension of the Parson’s Ring Electron Model and the Hestenes’ Zitter Electron Model. In this new electron model, the g-factor appears as a simple consequence of the geometry of the electron. The calculation of the g-factor is performed in a simple manner and we obtain the value of 1.0011607. This value of the g-factor is more accurate that the value provided by the Schwinger’s factor.

 Addicionaly, I attach you a summary table about the gfactor calculation, and a link to the previus work "Helical Model of the Electron" (http://vixra.org/abs/1408.0203)


 Oliver Consa


Valery F. Andrus

Fundamentals of neutron science


Hello, dear colleagues! We were surprised to detect that there is the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry in our world, ready to to promote scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims.
For almost a year now, we have been trying to inform university professors, academics and Nobel laureates all over the world (of at least 300,000 people) information about the new fundamental Neutron Science (NS) - Neutron Physics (NF), Neutron Chemistry (NC), Neutron Astrophysics (NA).

The electron micrograph of the diamond crystal serves as one of the direct evidence of the truth of the new fundamental sciences, namely, the validity of the notions of the structure of chemical elements in the form of six- and eight-pointed
«hedgehogs» (see Card 2).


 Our product – electric reactor based on a chain reaction is designed for replacement nuclear reactors and vapor boilers.

The electric reactor does not use nuclear and hydrocarbon fuels.

It works using the gravitational flow that consists of pieces of magnetic field lines (MFL) and individual gravitons – β+-particles. It is the discovery of new fundamental Neutron sciences.

In an electrical reactor, the conditions for a chain reaction are created by electricity.

The modern nuclear reactor also uses a gravitational flow in its chain reaction as fuel, and nuclear fuel in the reactor serves only to create conditions for the chain reaction to occur.


1. Electric reactor, unlike the nuclear reactor is absolutely safe.
          2. It does not use nuclear and hydrocarbon fuels.
          3. Stopping of the chain reaction is produced in seconds by simply turning off the power supply.
          4. The estimated price for
serial production will be at least two times lower than the price of a nuclear reactor.
          5. Electric reactor can be easily used not only in power plants but also in urban boiler plantsto produce hot water for heating and hot water
supply, as well as for the production of drinking water
            from seawater by evaporation.

At the moment we are ready to produce an industrial model of the electric reactor based on a chain reaction with a thermal capacity of 50 MW. This reactor is a unified section, i.e., the reactor with a thermal power of 100 MW is assembled from two such sections, and from three for a thermal power of 150 MW.

One section with thermal power of 50MW with three sets of electric equipment will produce 100 tonnes of steam per hour at a pressure of 6 MPa and t = 274°C.

For the production of an industrial model of an electric reactor based on a chain reaction with a thermal power of 50 MW with the entire scheme for supplying condensate to it, electric supply, electronic control and a building block with lifting mechanisms plus housing costs and salaries for the staff of scientists and involved specialists , we need $ 60,000 000.

Severe environmental situation in the world related to the lack of drinking water, the huge release of CO2 and the greenhouse effect and destruction of the planet by the extraction of raw materials for the hydrocarbon and nuclear fuels leads to the use of electric reactors based on a chain reactions to solve these global problems. In addition, the cost and installation of equipment is sharply reduced.

The electric reactor based on a chain reaction with the thermal power of 150 MW in the amount of 20 pieces with an efficiency of 0.3 is expected to be set at the units of existing and under construction nuclear power plants and thermal power plants with the capacity of 1000 MW. In other cases, the number of reactors of 150 MW is selected for the required capacity of the unit or boiler plant.

Electric reactor based on a chain reaction is one of the most science-intensive products of modernity of the 7th technological order (7th techno-economic paradigm).Technology and construction have been developed on basis of the new fundamental Neutron Sciences – Neutron physics, Neutron chemistry and Neutron astrophysics that is reliable protection against burglary.
We have given
the presentation of our product – an electric reactor based on a chain reaction to facilitate understanding of the theoretical basis of our project
as well as of the Fundamentals of Neutron Sciences http://neutronscience.com.ua/books/.
We are aware with most of the theories from
«The Worldwide List of Dissident Scientists» by Jean de Climont.

https://books.google.com.ua/books?id=KnzBDjnGIgYC&pg=PA1999&lpg=PA1999&dq=List+of+alternatives+for+modern+physics&source=bl&ots=7RvwfSRvGI&sig=9MIxY--W5vW6hK5ZjOGzn5syqbk&hl=ru&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjCrsyp6dDSAhVBoCwKHRWECnYQ6AEIUjAI#v=onepage&q=List of alternatives for modern physics&f=false

I do not want to offend anyone, but all these theories suffer from two global shortcomings

1. Some of these theories are based on an atom in the form of a nucleus with electrons that is not exist in nature, so this atomic model has no direct confirmation. And most importantly - they do not have an explanation for the radioactivity of atoms, namely three types of radiation - α-, β- and γ-radiation.
2. Other theories are not at all relying on any chemical elements, especially radioactive, and the biggest problems they have with the explanation of the magnetic properties of bodies.
Therefore, from our viewpoint, all the above theory cannot give specific products and technologies that
indicates their insolvency.
Neutron sciences are based on the parallelism of the worlds, and they
well dealt with paranormal phenomena from the point of view of NN.

We hope for fruitful cooperation.

Pour ceux qui veulent creuser ces théories de physique il est indispensable de suivre les liens indiqués par ces deux chercheurs.

Un de nos lecteurs nous a signalé un problème de lien dans le sujet méthaniseur domestique dans nos nouvelles du 03/03/2017. C’est corrigé

         Merci à Lucien S. (lecteur attentif!) pour cette information; en effet le lien indiqué dans lejournaldeleco n'était pas correct.